Vagator Beach in Goa

Located at a distance of 22 kilometers from Panjim at Bardej Taluka, Vagator is a popular beach in Goa. It's a part of the 30 kilometers long beach coastline stretching across the west coast of Goa, which is home to some of the best Goan beaches.

Vagator Beach In Goa

About Vagator

The beach is rather secluded as compared to its neighbors like the Anjuna and the Calangute beach. However, this secluded nature of the beach makes it a perfect destination if you are looking for a peaceful beach holiday; the only companions being the sun, sand and sea. The golden sand with black lava rocks add to the scenic beauty of the beach. The swaying palm and coconut trees make it an idyllic vacation spot. The 500 year old Chapora Fort provides an enchanting backdrop.

Vagator is split into two by seaside headland, the north Vagator beach and the Orzant Beach also known as the mini Vagator beach. A small portion of the beach in the middle is known as the Tel Aviv beach. The beach in the middle is popular among Israeli tourists. The Chapora village, inhabited by predominantly fishing communities, gives the village an old world charm.

Once on the Vagator beach, you can gaze at the sea changing its color from aquamarine to a dash of green. To experience the beauty of the beach it is advisable that you stroll on the shore barefoot. If you have time, you can sit with the locals and listen to the numerous local legends surrounding this part of Goa. Mike from Florida says vagator beach is the best place if one is looking for some tranquility.

Attractions at Vagator Beach


The north vagator beach is considered safe for swimming. However, lifeguards are always present at the beaches.

Leisure Activities:

Shopping is a must-do at Vagator beach. The local markets offer a plethora of goods like earthen pots and woven baskets.

Nearby Attractions to Vagator Beach

Vagator springs

Vagator boasts of two fresh water springs. The first one located at the end of north Vagator. Just about 100 meters away from the main beach, you will come across a small beach with two shacks and the fresh water spring tucked away at the base of the hill.

Shiva Carving

If one moves towards the south from Orzant, one will come across an impressive stone face of Lord Shiva.

Chapora Fort

Fortifications of the Chapora Fort, marks a regal welcome to this beach. Originally built by AdilShah, the fort was rebuilt by Count of Ericia, in order to guard the Chapora river entrance. One can climb up the fort from the seaside and move down from the roadside. The sweep of the Morjim beach across the Chapora River makes a breathtaking view.

Chapora Village

Unlike the other beaches which offer a variety of water sports, Vagator has less such opportunities. The small fishing village known as the Chapora Village is worth visiting. Far away from the maddening crowd, you can interact with the villagers face to face. The houses resonates the strong Portuguese influence on Goa. The village roads are adorned with several small bars, cafes and shops that sell exotic items. A walk along the fishing jetty is an experience in itself.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit Vagator is from November to February.

Where to stay

The Sterling Vagator resort is one of the best places to stay near Vagator. Other options include Siddeshwar Rest House, Dolrina Guest house, Alcove and a few more.

How to Reach Vagator Beach

Vagator beach is 22 kms away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. You can reach Vagator beach by taking a bus from Mapusa, Calangute, or Panaji.
Though not as popular among tourists as Anjuna or calangute, trip to Goa would be rather incomplete without a visit to the vagator beach.

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