Cabo De Rama Fort in Goa

All the forts in Goa hold an interesting and valuable historical significance. There are many famous forts in Goa that all have a story to tell. Cabo De Rama fort is one of the many famous forts in Goa and India. The Cabo De Rama fort is located in the Canacona district of South Goa. It is believed that Lord Ram, from the famous mythological epic Ramayana, took shelter here with his wife Sita. When Lord Ram and Sita were banished from their Kingdome and were sent to exile to the forests of India for 14 yrs, they took shelter here. Because of this story, the fort was named Cabo de Rama. The fort is a also famously known as Cape Rama in Goa.

Cabo De Rama Fort In Goa

The Cabo De Rama fort is a very old fort and has stood strong since ancient times. Later on, the fort was occupied by Hindu rulers and they spread their empire all over India. As time passed, the fort has exchanged hands between Hindu, Mughal and Portuguese rulers. Some of the most gruesome battles seen in history were fought here.

In 1763, the Portuguese took over the fort and established their power over the fort while defeating the Hindu rulers in a waged battle. When the Portuguese left the state for good, this fort was abandoned for years and later on this fort became a government prison. It was a prison till 1955 and then was abandoned again. Today, this fort is just a tourist attraction and many visitors from all over the country and world come to see this fort. It is a bit ruined but still is a wonderful fort.

The fort has a small chapel within its premises and this is still in use. The white church against a black fort in the background makes it a perfect scene to take a picture due its stark contrast. Many people in Goa visit this chapel regularly to offer their prayers and enjoy the mystical surroundings of the fort. The views from the Cabo De Rama fort are just stunning. You can get a beautiful view of the ocean from the western side of the fort. If you are looking for serenity and tranquility then this is a great fort to visit. It is also a great place to shoot some phenomenal photographs.

How to Reach Cabo De Rama fort

The fort is located in South Goa and can be easily reached by a cab from any nearby town or city in South Goa. You could take a bus from Margao to the Cabo De Rama fort. There is a regular bus service from Margao to Cabo De Rama fort daily. The nearest airport is the Dabolim airport. From here you can hire a cab to the Cabo De Rama fort.

The nearest railway head is the Margao railway station. You can take a bus or cab from here to the Cabo De Rama fort.

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