Goa Bars and Pubs

Goa is known to have a rich nightlife. The place is known as the Las Vegas of India. India being a conservative culture does not have a very vibrant nightlife. But Goa defies this image; the array of bars and pubs in the city keep the tourists and locals enthralled all throughout the night.

The nightlife of Goa has become vibrant and happening since hippies started coming to the place in 1970s. Although the trend of nightlife exists in Goa since old time due to the Portugal influence but with the advent of hippies the nightlife has gained a new height and color. Portuguese culture is well known for enjoying drinks, and late night gala dinners. But the nightlife of Goa has become faster and contemporary.

Goa Bars And Pubs

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Besides bars, pubs, and nightclubs, there are many other ways to enlighten an evening in Goa. There are Casinos, night shacks, live music, band performances, night markets, and other fiestas going on a regular basis in the city.

For people who want to spend their night in a slightly different manner, there are night markets like Ingos Saturday Night Bazar, Anjuna Flea Market, and so on. These markets are popular for beautiful and local artifacts, fashionable clothes, beach wear, finger licking food and other interesting objects. Many of these markets also have live band performances to attract more shoppers.

However, the best way to enjoy a typical night in Goa is to visit the bars and clubs present in the city. Goa bars and pubs are special attraction for foreign tourists who love to shake a leg and enjoy a peg for an eventful night. The bars and clubs of Goa keep organizing theme nights like

Some of the popular bars and clubs are Club Cabana, Club Titto, Havana, and so on. Most of these nightclubs also serve delicious sea food along with variety of drinks.

Goa bars and pubs are entirely safe places to spend the night. The local Government is very careful in giving permit or license to these clubs and ensures that they are safe from all aspects. No drugs are allowed in any pubs or bars of Goa.

Nightclubs in Goa are visited by everyone, whether old or young. There is something for people with different taste in the bars and clubs of Goa. So when you are in Goa, check out the nearest and the hottest nightclub and spend a sizzling evening.

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