Goan Culture

The Goan culture is a distinctive blend of native elements with extraneous influence. Goa is known to have preserved and nurtured the various forms of local culture and art, considering the fact that time and again it has been conquered by invading forces. With the long Portuguese rule the influence of Goan culture in numerous aspects portray a seamless unification of ethnic Indian and Portuguese tradition.

Goan Culture

Music and dance are counted as an integral part of Goan culture and the warm hearted and jovial people of the state add on to the joys of living with their colorful performances. Goa can also be termed as the treasure trove of exquisite forms of crafts, art, culture and various other ethnicities. The unbelievable harmony within the communal living here is one of the most amazing aspects of the Goan culture. Here the people just look forward to carving an identity very unique irrespective of the religious persuasions.

People of Goa: The people of Goa encourage a merry go life after a hard day of work. The people of this state love to enjoy and most of the times they are seen free from any sort of ill feelings. The evenings in Goa are observed to be as bright as the festivals of other Indian states just because of the jovial nature of the locals. Art, tradition, culture, food, festivity along with hard work are some of the basic factors which draw a crisp and clear picture of what exactly is Goa.

Festivals of Goa: The state of Goa celebrates the festivals of almost all dominant religions in India i.e. catholic, Hindu and Muslim with very high spirits. Some of the catholic festivals which are enjoyed here with great festivity are Christmas, New Year, Easter, and other minor festivals. Apart from the catholic festivals, the festivals of Hindu religion are celebrated with equal pomp and show here. Some of the Hindu festivals celebrated in Goa are Holi, Diwali, etc. the festivals of Muslims are also given equal importance in Goa. Some of the major Muslim festivals celebrated in Goa are Eid-ul-Fitr, Bakra-e-Eid, etc. Apart from the cult festivals other festive days are seen in Goa at the time of Goa Carnival, which is a three day long celebration in Goa and at the time when film festival is conducted here.

Trends and fashion in Goa: The people of Goa are in deadly hurry to dig out the new happenings in the world and staying fashionable and trendy is no exception to it. The people here are seen wearing the trendiest of apparel with the most chic accessories. In all the culture of Goa is observed to moneyed and modish.

Apart from the festivals, fashions and traditions of Goa there are other things here too which are appealing and attract masses of tourists here every year. Music and art is the lifeblood of the natives of Goa apart from this, the beautiful handicrafts and the scrumptious food that is served here is not worth missing out in a trip to this place.

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