Night Fun in Goa

Goa is known for its lively beaches that sparkle with silver sand while the sun shines on them. While the sun goes down, the beaches still sparkle, not with sunshine but with the bright lights of the beach shacks and dance clubs in Goa. There is a lot of night fun in Goa. As compared to other cities of India, Goa is well known for a hot and happening night life.

Goans are known for drink, dance, party, and a fun-filled life. Since the place has a strong Portuguese influence and also strains of Hippie culture the citizens of Goa love to party hard at night. The same is true for tourists who come to Goa, they too want to have an exciting evening not only by partying but by other interesting ways too.

Night Fun In Goa

Check out the following section to explore some of the interesting ways of having fun in Goa during night:

Goa is blessed with beautiful beaches and scenic views, but the place has even more than that. The youthful and relaxed people of Goa know how to live life to the fullest. Like rest of India, night outs, pubs, and bars are not a taboo for Goans. As a result there are a number of pubs, dance clubs, bars, casinos, in Goa.

There are a few beaches in Goa that are lively with beach shacks till late night. Night shacks on Goan beaches are quite popular among nocturnal tourists visiting Goa. These shacks sell sumptuous food, along with drinks and good music in the background. Many shacks have dance floors and live bands to enthrall the crowd on dance beats.

The night clubs in Goa try to make the evening interesting by organizing theme nights, inviting DJs and singers from other places, serving nice food, and playing interesting music. Trance music which is the local form of music in Goa is played by almost all the dance clubs in Goa.

If you are not a party animal but still want to enjoy late evenings and nights in Goa, there are other ways like Ingo's night market, Anjuna Flea market, and so on. These night markets sell some of the most appealing stuff in most interesting ways. They are great places to buy souvenirs for loved ones. Sometimes these markets have live musical performances and other such events that keep the shoppers engaged.

Another interesting way to spend a night in Goa is to get cozy with your partner or chill out with friends at good movie halls in Goa. There are a good number of cinema halls in Goa and 2 multiplexes. Latest Hindi and English movies are up in the theatres of Goa.

There are a number of options for night fun in Goa. The place is for party animals as well as those who want some peaceful moments in the lap of nature. So when you come to Goa don't forget to check out Goa by night.

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