Discos in Goa

Goa is famous for its nightlife and parties and is a paradise for all party lovers who like to enjoy and have endless fun. Goa is the best place for partying all night with lots of excitement and lots of booze. If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Goa, you cannot avoid going to the many discos in Goa. Every area in Goa boasts a few popular discotheques.

Discos In Goa

Goa is the only city in the country that offers the most liberal environments in a discotheque. The discos in Goa are so captivating that you will never want to leave. All you'll want to do is to dance, enjoy the lovely music and have fun. Even if you're not into dancing, the music will persuade you to dance a few steps. The atmospheres in the discos in Goa are just thrilling and dynamic that you will surely have a gala time with your friends and family in the discos of Goa.

Some of the most popular discos in Goa are listed below:

  • The Alcove - The Alcove overlooks the Vagator beach and is a very popular disco in Goa. The DJ in this disco plays a wonderful mix of music that keeps the crowd dancing for hours. The Shore Bar in this disco is delightful place for hard core party animal's delight
  • Ziggy's - This is another popular disco in Goa, that is situated close to the Colva Beach. This disco is open till 11 in the night.
  • Paradiso - Paradiso is one of the hugely popular discos in Goa. It is situated in the Anjuna and Vagator area. Paradiso is a favourite disco amongst hippies. They usually hangout here till the wee hours in the night. They booze and dance all night till they are completely exhausted. The disco is famous for its trance music. The best part about this disco is that it is opened all night.
  • Temptations - This is another popular disco that is situated on the Vagator beach and offers a great ambience to its visitors. The disco plays rocking music and you will surely have a great time here. The disco remains opened till 10 pm in the night.
  • Johny's Cool - This is another popular disco in Goa that crowded by visitors every day. It is a tiny place but offers a swanky interior.
  • Lido's - Lido's is a popular disco on the Dona Paula beach in Goa. It is known for its buzzing and happening atmosphere and therefore people flock this place every evening.

Some of the other famous discos in Goa include The Bamboo Forest, Club Cabana Disco, Club Antoos Disco, Club Tito's Disco, Hill Top Disco and Club Extreme Disco. Anjuna Beach is the best place to party at, as it boasts of some of the most happening Discos in Goa. You will always find all the discos in this area brimming with life and a flurry of activities. Both the locals and tourists flocks the discos in this area

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