Rave Night Parties in Goa

Goa is one of the popular destinations in India because of its vibrant nightlife. The nightlife of Goa is really rocking and vibrant. Night time in Goa is for party lovers. Rave night parties of Goa are popular among tourists and locals. The rave night parties or trance parties of Goa are enjoyed by tourists from all over the world.

Rave Night Parties In Goa

Tourists visiting Goa make it a point to be a part of these rave night parties. Rave party in Goa originated in 1960s by the Hippies. During this period the nightlife of Goa has steadily picked up momentum and has gained popularity with time.

Overindulgence into drugs and drinks used to be a rage in these parties earlier. But today, the nature of these rave parties has changed. Overindulgence into drugs faced heavy opposition by the government officials, local media and environmentalists. From last years, they have joined hands to stop the easy availability of drugs at Rave parties in Goa. With their efforts the instances of drug abuse has came down at night parties in Goa.

However, alcohol drinking is liberal that means you can get drink freely in these parties. Now the rave night party in Goa is about enjoying Goa trance music, sipping your favorite drink, dance, live music concerts and great food. The local musicians of Goa have developed a special style of music called Goa Trance. Because these parties have trance music performances they are also known as Trance parties.

Rave night parties are also occasionally held at a beach in Goa. Rave night parties generally begin at 11 pm and continue till 8 in the morning. These parties are held more frequently around Christmas and New Year. In these parties participants are encouraged to dress up in hippie style in order to add to the ambience. These parties have become an important part of Goa culture. During Christmas and New Year time, the state of Goa is sizzling with trance music and rave night parties. These parties are one of the main forms of entertainment for the tourists in Goa. The live music, tempting food, trance music and dance at rave night parties attracts people from all over the world.

Rave night parties are gaining more and more popularity with every passing year. The pounding music system on the beach is the main attraction of the rave night parties in Goa. These parties in Goa are interesting and are a major attraction for tourists. Most of the tourists in Goa are found shaking a leg at these night parties. The major venue for Rave night parties in Goa are Anjuna beach, Calangute beach, Baga beach, Colva beach, Dauna beach, Paula beach, club Ziggy's and club Tito's.

The beaches of Goa are usually full of people enjoying rave night parties with trance music and drinks. The rocking atmosphere and the laid back attitude of the people make the nightlife in Goa memorable. So if you want to enjoy night in Goa, then check these rave night parties.

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