Konkan Railways to Goa

Goa is located on the west coast of India and is very well connected with railways. Konkan railways to Goa offer one of the luxurious train journeys to Goa. The famous tourist destination, Goa is well connected with Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala by Konkan Railways. Konkan railways will make your trip to Goa unforgettable. Konkan railways run from Karnataka to Maharashtra through Goa.

Konkan Railways To Goa

Konkan railways offer you a chance to explore Goa with 105 Kms of the Konkan railway line running through it. The Konkan railway journey from Mumbai to Goa takes only 12 hours, which is almost half the time taken by bus. The railways offer you breathtaking journey to Goa.

The Konkan Railway Experience

The Konkan railway experience is enriching for both domestic and foreign tourists. The travelers can experience breathtaking views – Arabian Sea beaches, gushing waterfalls, distant mountains, are a few examples of the landscapes that a Konkan Railway traveler will experience while on way to Goa from Mumbai.

Foreigners have a great experience if they take Konkan railways either from Goa to Mumbai or vice versa. Besides enjoying the beautiful Indian landscapes, they can also experience travelling by Indian railways. Indian Railways is an icon for Indian culture. People from diverse regions of India travel in the same train and so one can get the glimpse of the varied cultures and traditions of India.

Benefits of Travelling by Konkan Railway

  1. The journey is time consuming, but the scenic views are worth experiencing. The train passes through long tunnels, as much as 6 kms in length. It's really thrilling to experience the train inside the tunnel for as long as 3 minutes. In winters small stream of water can be seen jetting from tunnel and mountain walls.
  2. Reaching Goa from Mumbai or Karnataka by railways is much economical than travelling by road. If you hire a cab or even drive on your own, you will end up paying much more than a fare for rail journey. Reaching Goa by air is the quickest option, but air fares are much higher than train fares. Moreover, taking a flight can make you reach there at a faster pace, but you will not able to see the scenic views on the way.
  3. Rail journey from Mumbai to Goa is not only appealing from the scenic point of view, but also much more comfortable as compared to a road journey. The train berths are meant for sleeping and if you are travelling in an air-conditioned compartment, you also get sheets, pillows, blankets, without any extra charge. There is a fully fledged pantry inside the train where you can order food at any time of the day.

So if you are interested in enjoying the great views that Western Ghats have to offer, include a Konkan railway journey in your itinerary. It's going to be a memorable experience and unique too.

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