Sri Chandreshwar Temple in Goa

If you are in Goa then get ready to explore scores of enchanting and magnificent attractions. Apart from the beautiful churches and mesmeric beaches the temples of the state are also worth visiting. Masses of pilgrims and devotees come to Goa to see the grand temples of Goa. The revered temples of the state are actually one of the most sought after attractions of Goa which is visited by almost every Hindu tourist visiting the state. The Sri Chandreshwar temple in Goa is one of such famous temples of the state which is worth visiting in a trip to Goa.

The very famous Sri Chandreshwar temple in Goa is located in Paroda which is a destination on hill 359 meters high in Quepem Taluka. This is one of the beautiful locations of Goa which is known for its picturesque beauty.

The existence of the temple in Goa is seen to be from the early dates of Christian era in the state. This was the time when the region of Goa was a part of Chandrapur's Boja capital. It is also known by the name of Chandor among the locals. Shri Chandreshwar is known as the God of moon and his beautifully built idol is kept in the temple. The placing of the idol in the temple is done in such a way that its gives an enchanting view of the lush green valley below. The building of the temple is known to erected in somewhere around the 17th century. Contradictory to the stated origin of building, people believe that on this place itself there was another temple around 1500 years back too.

Sri Chandreshwar Temple In Goa

The main deity of the temple is Lord Chandranath who is known to be the lord of moon. He was basically one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva. He was known to be the prime deity of the Bhojas which was a dynasty that was ruling Goa in earlier times. One of the main attractions of the temple is the Shiva Linga which is carved from a rock and is known to shine brilliantly as soon as the full moon rays fall on it. The distinguished architecture of the temple is one of the outstanding qualities of the temple. Within the premises of the temple one can find a chariot of ancient times which is adorned with beautiful intricate wooden carvings. The views around the temple are also breathtakingly beautiful.

So, if you are planning a trip to Goa then make sure you visit Sri Chandreshwar temple as it is one of the most known tourist attractions of the state. Reaching the temple is also quiet easy as there are various modes of public transport which connect you to the temple. You can also reach the place by your own conveyance.

In a nutshell, in a trip to Goa Sri Chandreshwar temple is a place which should not be skipped out when searching the best of tourist attractions in Goa.

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