Waterfalls in Goa

Goa, a beach heaven, has many characters to it. The place is vibrant with tourists all round the year. Although tourists mainly visit Goa mainly to experience its pristine beaches, the terrain and surrounding of Goa is such that it also offers a number of other scenic options. Waterfall in Goa is one such attraction.

Goa is set amidst Sahyadri hills and Arabian Sea. The small and green hills of Goa are full of beautiful springs, fountains, small lakes, and a couple of waterfalls. Although it cannot be said that there are many options when it comes to waterfalls In Goa, but the few that are there, are worth visiting. The best thing about visiting waterfalls in Goa is that since they are located in the countryside, one gets to see the true beauty of Goa while travelling to these spots.

Waterfalls In Goa

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The two main waterfalls of Goa are Dudhsagar and Aravalam falls.

Arvalem Waterfall is located near Sanquelim beach and falls from a height of 70 feet. The fall can be best visited in monsoon when the water falls with a heavy gush and makes your heart skip at the beautiful backdrop.

Dudhsagar Waterfall is located 60 km from Panaji, the center of Goa. The water in Dudhsagar falls from a height of 600 m. The hugeness of the fall and the fact that water falls from a great height creates an impression as if it's a sea of milk. Dudhsagar waterfall is a must visit while on a trip to Goa as it is one of the most huge falls to see in that entire region.

Apart from admiring the beauty of waterfalls, one can also have picnic or get-togethers at these spots. For example, Government has made a park near Arvalem Waterfall which is perfect for the purpose. Most of the waterfalls in Goa are best to visit after the monsoons are over and the winter has just set in. The water is brimming and one can experience the best views of the beautiful waterfalls.

Apart from Dudhsagar and Arvalem, Kesarval waterfall is also a beautiful fountain worth seeing. Kesarval is more of a spring with medicinal qualities. The place is located on Margao Highway.

So when you are in Goa, and satiated after seeing the beautiful beaches, swaying palms, shaking a leg in the night clubs, and enjoying adventurous water sports, don't miss the heavenly sight that the waterfalls of Goa have to offer.

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